Armored Fox Press

Located in Canada, Armored Fox Press has a mission to "publish various anthologies and novels for distribution." (Taken from publisher's Facebook)


A furry print on demand publisher. FurPlanet offers publishing and distribution to independent artists, writers, and musicians.

Goal Publications

Publishing imprint of Ottercorrect Literature Services, which also runs AnthroAquatic Literary Editing. Originally created to publish A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature, a furry webzine, which ended after the third issue. Goal then expanded into a market for furry writing.

Jaffa Books

Jaffa Books is an independent publisher of fiction. Based in Australia. Jaffa publishes works of speculative fiction in Australia and overseas.

Rabbit Valley

A retailer for furry publishers, and a publisher of furry fiction and comics.

Sofawolf Press

An independent publisher that is "dedicated to storytelling." They focus on anthropomorphic works.

Thurston Howl Publications

A progressive, furry inclusive publisher. Thurston Howl Publications accepts a variety of novels, novellas, anthologies, and books of poetry.

Weasel Press & Red Ferret Press

A Beat Publisher. Weasel Press is a furry inclusive publisher, seeking transgressive fiction and poetry. Their inspiration stems from Beat Generation writers such as Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Diana di Prima, Joan Didion, and several others. They look for the root of the human condition. Why people make the choices they've made, what led them to where they are. Red Ferret Press is the erotic extension of Weasel Press. They look for erotic works that feel real. Works that break past fantasy and feature relatable characters.

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